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You know Jackie Chan from Rush Hour and many other movies… check out more pictures by clicking here.


The best part of HK winters are the amazing hikes! Some highlights:

5 Dec – Dragon’s Back: Distance: 4.5 km, Highest Point: Shek O Peak 284m

6 Dec – Jardine’s Lookout: Distance: 8.5 km, Highest Point: Mount Butner 436m, Jardine’s Lookout 433m

13 Dec – Lamma Island: Distance: 6 km, no peaks.

Kappu closes in on Hong Kong

Kappu closes in on Hong Kong

Typhoon Kappu hit tonight and this morning. It was a “Signal 8” warning with sustained winds at 38-73 mph and gusts up to 113 mph. I didn’t get much sleep because of the pounding winds against the window (which to my dad’s horror … I sleep right under!)

Suprisingly the schools don’t make 3 year old kiddies troddle through the wind/rain to learn their ABCs, so I got the day off! I even got to leave school early when the first warning came in, a signal 3. It was a rush taking the ferry home and then trying to make it to the store in time to get food/water because once it goes to the next step, signal 8 (i know, i know 3-8 doesn’t make sense) everything is shut down. It was signal 3 when I got out of work and even then the wind took my breath away! At one point I saw a man riding his bike and for every 3 laborous peddels he took, he only moved 2 feet.

I miss being understood, family, friends, not being afraid to walk into a store, drink the water, breath the air… personal space. It has been less than a month and I know it will take more time, yet the nagging feeling to just forget it and go home won’t go away. Everything is soooo different here. My social cues are all out of whack!