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So I’m just sitting here looking up where to buy mini cookware for my new toaster oven, when I hear the smallest tap on my door. I wasn’t even sure it was a knock, but I trot to the door anyway. Standing before me are two eldery Chinese women with big smiles on there faces. I thought for sure they were at the wrong address, “Can I help you?” I ask, to which one of the women replies, “Ah yes, we hearing for Jehova Witness.”

Never in a million years did I think that I would have  JW knocking on my door in Hong Kong. You can’t escape them…they’re everywhere!


Whatever happened to cereal prizes?

I was eating Frosted Flakes when I noticed a little extra rustle coming from the box. Suddenly, brown and green flashed and I felt a flurry of sticky footprints down my arm. My eyes registered what it was just as his tail flicked behind the washing machine.

It was a lizard in my cereal! My heart was pumping like I just ran a marathon and now it skips a beat with every little noise. On the positive side, a little research revealed that the little guys don’t cause any damage and eat cockroaches. I would rather have a lizard than a cockroach. But really I would rather have NEITHER! Anyway, now I have an unnatural fear of Frosted Flakes… I consider that “causing damage”.